Dan, Heather, Katherine, Courtney, Jack, Ryan, Abby, Cade, and Bode

Dan, Heather, Katherine, Courtney, Jack, Ryan, Abby, Cade, and Bode

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Had a safe, uneventful drive in from Tenwek. Then lunch at Carnivore and now I am on a lovely patio behind Giraffe Manor. 73 degree weather (I might even be able to pick up pecans if they need me to...that's a reference to our early days in Texas when my Dad couldn't get me to help pick pecans from the ground, "because I only had a 1 degree of temperature tolerance either side of 70 degrees.)

Dan, Abby, Cade, and Bode and I are sharing the Karen Blixon suite. It's at the back of the house and ours is the only room that opens up to this huge, partly shaded stone patio. Beautiful!

Jack and Ryan have a room and bath upstairs, as do Kat and Courtney. The children will all eat at 7:00 with the Giraffe Whisperer (i.e. he shakes a bowl of food to attract the giraffe). They eat spaghetti and ice cream and then can watch a movie. Dan and I have a candle- light dinner at 7:30 with the three other manor guests (all Australian women, 2 in one party and a single). BTW, the girls were invited to attend the adult dinner but the preferred not to! I'm kind of excited about an adults only evening.

I took my first bath in weeks, and afterwards asked for tea and was brought a beautiful service of tea pot, china, creamer, sugar, etc…all silver, white and glass - lovely! I'm not at the orphanage anymore!

Tomorrow morning Zachary will be here at 8:00! I can't wait. Please pray for traveling mercies beginning your Friday evening…our Saturday morning.
Heather, for all of us.

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  1. These photographs are absolutely amazing - wow, what a neat short term mission trip you got to go on, and to have your children with you -such joy!
    cannot wait for the rewind in a couple of weeks-cornelia