Dan, Heather, Katherine, Courtney, Jack, Ryan, Abby, Cade, and Bode

Dan, Heather, Katherine, Courtney, Jack, Ryan, Abby, Cade, and Bode

Monday, July 27, 2009

Back in Portland

Well, as most of you know, we are back! I thought I'd post a few final pics and let Dan wrap it up at a later date. I shared a few of my coming home thoughts on my blog.

The night before we left we met Peter! Peter was our sponsored child with Compassion beginning in 1994. He is now married with a little boy, and another due in December. He graduated recently from a University in South Africa, and is underemployed by his brother, from what I can understand. I know he would love to be using his degree in IT, but the unemployment rate in Kenya is astronomical. They don't keep track officially. Really sweet wife, Olive, and son Elvis! They call him Junior. It was so nice to spend an evening together.

Amsterdam was beautiful, but kind of a shock to be back in the west in such a liberal city. It made me want to go back to Kenya. Public urinals - are they really necessary?

Bode loved the train in Amsterdam! A plane and train all in one day - he was in heaven.


I knew I was getting close to home when they served Kerrygold butter on the airplane! If you're not aware of my obsession with Kerrygold, well, let's just say don't shop for butter at Trader Joe's after me or you might be out of luck.

Welcome home sign from the Kutchers... best housesitters ever!

Homemade cookies from Alexandra, homemade lasagnas from mom, and a clean kitchen from Jeannine... it doesn't get any better!

Thanks again to EVERYONE for your prayers and support. We couldn't have done it without you!

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